The only failure one man should fear, is the failure to do his best. – Andrew Taylor Still

Once Upon a Time

A four years old little girl started playing piano . Her parent’s plan for her was to become a pianist, so she went to the prestigious Versailles conservatory in France .But it was not her dream, she wanted to ride horses So eventually she started riding poneys ( her mom thinking horses were really big animals …) and it became the kind of passion that makes you wake up at 4 every Sundays to go on competition.At some point her parents asked themselves if they had to put all the efforts for her to succeed in competition and do that for a living.

But no, something was missing …

And one day, she was 18, wondering what she wanted to do in life, and one of her American aunt called her ( at that time in 1992, osteopathy was really at his beginning in France, but as the founder of Osteopathy was American, very known over there ), saying that she had found the perfect job for her : osteopath for Horses.

There was no School in France to learn osteopathy for animals in 1992, so she was said that she had to study osteopathy for humans first and take courses in equine osteopathy after graduating. She did so, but working with people eventually became a no-brainer, and she never ceased to be grateful for that call…Now you know my story, you know what I do healing people, and you know how I do it, with osteopathy, but do you want to know why?

Our Vision &

My mission is to be an accommodating and a safe space for the people in pain to seek help. Here, I firmly believe that we are responsible for the world we live in and we can shape it to become a space where our children, family, friends and patients, are able to find a professional or place where they feel safe. A place where they will find the help they need in regards to their pain (it can be an ankle, stomach, stress, or trauma). Helping people feel better, and offering this safe space for people to heal is what drives me and what makes me feel useful.


Does treatment hurt ?

Usually Osteopathic treatment are not painful. Sometime though you could feel some discomfort but you wiIl be advised to tell your Osteopathic practitioner if it is too much.

How long are the sessions?

Regular Osteopathic sessions last 55 min. The 110 min sessions are not available for new patients.

What should I wear?

Please do come with loose confortable clothings, no jeans… You can also bring a change of clothes : short, tee-shirt…

What happens during an Osteopathic treatment ?

The osteopath will need to examine the area(s) of your body causing discomfort. Sometimes the cause of the problem may be in a different area to the pain, (For example, a difference in leg length may result in compensations in the upper back which might result in neck pain) so they may need to examine your whole body. They will need to feel for tightness in the muscles and stiffness in the joints and may need to touch these areas to identify problems. They will explain what they are doing as they go along. If you are uncomfortable with any part of this, you have the right to ask them to stop at any stage without prejudicing your future treatment.

How many sessions do I need?

With a recent injury, most of the time it will take 3 to 5 sessions to successfully treat it. However ancient or chronic pains are likely to take more sessions.

Do I need a doctor's referral?


Do you do home consults?


Are treatments covered by my extended medical benefits?

Osteopathic treatments are not covered by MSP. However many extended benefits companies will now cover Osteopathy if your osteopathic Practitioner is a member of Osteopathy BC which I am.

Check with you company for the specifics of you plan.